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David Hargreaves - Mining Analyst

 David Hargreaves trained and worked as a coal miner in the deep seams of Lancashire, UK before being awarded an industrial scholarship, graduating from Wigan Mining and Technical College with distinctions in mining engineering, mechanical engineering and geology, in 1963.  For the next ten years he enjoyed increasingly progressive positions in the open pit mining of iron ore, bauxite and asbestos, in North and South America and South Africa.  Returning to the UK he became Head of Mining Research for London based Stockbrokers James Capel, before forming his own mining consultancy, in which capacity he still acts.  Assignments latterly have included those in the anthracite belts of Pennsylvania, USA; South Wales, and KZN, South Africa.  He has extensive gemstone experience, regularly conducts competent persons reports (CPRs) and is a noted platform speaker.  He holds First Class Coal Mine Manager Certificates valid in the UK and South Africa, is a Chartered Mining Engineer, a Fellow of the Geological Society and a Member of the Royal Institution.

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